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Enhanced Oak Hills Venue Updates

When Shirelle and Adam became the proud owners of Oak Hills in 2018, they inherited a stunning property with solid foundations. However, recognizing the potential for enhancements, they embarked on a journey to elevate it further. The Oak Hills team swiftly engaged in brainstorming sessions, exploring imaginative and efficient methods to enhance the property. Their goal was to implement changes that would truly make a significant impact, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all the couples who choose Oak Hills for their special day.

Priority number one was expanding our parking facilities to meet the needs of our expanding clientele. To achieve this, we took action by incorporating an additional 40 parking spots, ensuring ample space for everyone.

Wedding Suites

Moving on to our Wedding Suites, our priority was to ensure that clients felt welcomed and at home as they prepared for their big day. To achieve this, we designed spacious and stylish spaces, providing a comfortable environment for them to get ready.

The Ballroom

Next on our agenda was the Ballroom. We decided to give it a fresh look by revamping all the crown molding and wainscoting. In 2020, we took a stylish leap by replacing the outdated chandeliers with something more elegant, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

The Ceremony Garden

In 2019, we introduced a stunning pergola adorned with flowing white drapery, creating a picturesque setting. Additionally, we upgraded the bridge, ensuring that our couples and wedding parties could enjoy a lovely stroll leading up to their momentous occasion.

The Barn

Finally, let's not forget our Barn, the central hub for a majority of our receptions and events. We've intentionally cultivated a rustic and casual atmosphere to complement the lively and upbeat receptions held at Oak Hills. The additions made in 2022, including the backdrop, chandelier, and barn doors, have transformed it into our clients' favorite spot on the property.

In summary, we've poured a tremendous amount of passion and dedication into our cherished Oak Hills. We take immense joy in hosting our wonderful couples and other clients, ensuring a memorable experience throughout the entire year.

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