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Oak Hills Customer Service

Whenever we’re asked to describe ourselves, we always try to emphasize our “Full-Service” approach. But if we’re being honest, a lot of our inquiries come from clients who are first attracted to our beautiful mountain scenery at Oak Hills. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Today, we’re going to brag a little about our customer service philosophy and why it’s made such an impact on the hundreds of weddings we’ve been a part of since 2018. And while this might not be the first on your list of priorities when you’re venue shopping, we definitely think it deserves a moment in the spotlight.

What Does Full Service Mean?

To start, it’s probably helpful to understand what we mean when we say Full Service. Luckily, we’ve written a great in depth blog about this topic which you can read here: 

As a brief recap, we mean that we’re here to help Plan, Set Up and Decorate, provide Day of Coordination, Catering, Bar Service, Wedding Cakes, and Florals, as well as clean everything up at the end of the night. Through our years of experience, we’ve realized how critical to the overall success of your wedding day it is that these aspects work seamlessly together. We’re the one-stop shop because it makes things perfect, and way less stressful for you.

Our Philosophy

So what’s our attitude about weddings and how does it apply to all of these different areas? We never, ever forget that it’s your wedding day. We are super privileged and stay busy with weddings and events all year. On the upside, this makes us the knowledgeable, tried and tested experts you can count on. 

We really hope you enjoy your job every single day, but hey, we’re all humans right?  We decided long ago that we wouldn’t allow burn-out to interfere with the biggest moments of our happy couples lives. So we remind ourselves constantly that you’re not getting married where we work, we get to work at your wedding.

Our Culture

If we’re going to provide exceptional service, we have to support our team with an exceptional culture of hospitality. This means we take care of each other so we can take care of you. We have a spirit of always making things better and we love letting our collective talents shine. And we’re luckily surrounded by good natured, warm, and thoughtful people. 

We think that the energy we approach our jobs with is contagious. You’re going to walk through our doors with some big feelings the day of your wedding. We’re going to meet that with confidence and kindness. We’re a part of your team, and we don’t let the team down.

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