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Alcohol: Bar Package includes Licensed Bartenders, On-Site Security, ID Checks, Wristbands, Use of Oak Hills Bar Equipment and Glassware, and use of both bar locations as needed. Additionally, you will select the Bar Type (method of payment for drinks); Cash Bar, Tab Limit, or Open Bar. 


Bar Service will begin for guests at the beginning of food service. “Last Call” will be 45 minutes before the end of your event. The bar will close at 30 minutes before the end of your event. 


Absolutely no alcohol may be brought onto the premises (including the parking lot.) If any outside alcohol is discovered, it will be immediately confiscated and guests may be asked to leave. An $800 Fine may be imposed to the responsible party if the issue is not immediately resolved. 


No persons under the age of 21 or without a valid ID will be served. A wristband must be acquired by all guests wishing to be served alcohol. Any guest providing alcohol to a minor will be required to leave the grounds immediately. 


Our Bartenders, Security, and Event Management reserve the right to refuse service on the following grounds: 

  • Underage or no proof of ID

  • Signs of over-consumption or intoxication 

  • Excessively rowdy or belligerent behavior 

  • Harassment of staff or other guests


If alcohol use becomes problematic, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to terminate the bar service or the event due to breach of contract. 

Catering: You are required to have catering at all events. With the exception of the wedding cake or party favors, all catering must be done by Oak Hills’ in-house caterer. 


Sales tax and an 18% service fee will be added to all catering costs. You are also welcome to add an additional tip for the staff and your Event Manager if you would like.


No other food or drink items should be brought into the venue except items for personal consumption. To ensure the cleanliness of the bride’s and attendants’ gowns, we ask that no food or drink be in the bride’s and attendants’ rooms.

Due to the high variability in the food we serve and your individual timeline, the final decision concerning "left-overs" will be determined by our kitchen staff on the day of your event. Extra wedding cake will be wrapped and packaged to take home so long as it has not been cut into single portions or offered to guests. 


Children: We sincerely ask for your cooperation in supervising children. Oak Hills does not take responsibility for injury or damages incurred by unsupervised children. 


Damages: We reserve the right to assess additional charges for damages to the landscape, venue, and property of Oak Hills. Excessive cleaning and lost or stolen items may result in additional fees. 


No guests or members of the wedding party are permitted behind the bar or in the “Staff Only” areas, including storage rooms and kitchens. Guests are not allowed to walk/run through the flower beds, climb on the rocks/trees or throw items into the water features. 

Decorations: You are welcome to bring one tote or box full of personal decorations that include items such as the following: trousseau, photos, guestbook, party favors, etc.  Any additional personal decor is discouraged as we have quite a large inventory of decor that comes with your package. If you are wanting to bring in other decor, it will need to be discussed with and approved by our coordinator. Please be sure to take home anything that you bring in. 


We do not allow silly string, confetti, rice, glitter in any form, bird seed, foam peanuts or other similar items. Anything left by the wedding party or guests will be considered a donation or thrown away. 

Music and Audio-Visual: There are sound systems/TVs available for your use. We are happy to assist you. However, Oak Hills will not be held liable for any malfunctions or “mistakes” during the event. We suggest you hire a professional dj/musician. Oak Hills will also not be held responsible for any technical issues with slide-shows, ceremony music, or videos.


Noise Ordinance: Because our venue is located in a residential area, we have a noise ordinance that is strictly enforced by the city. Absolutely no band or DJ is allowed to play music outside. If a band or DJ is playing music in our barn, the barn doors must be closed. 


Outside Vendors: Our preferred vendors (photographer, florist, disc jockey etc) are highly talented, familiar with our center, reasonably priced and highly recommended. You are welcome to use vendors that are not on our preferred list. If you choose to use outside vendors, Oak Hills Reception and Event Center is to be held harmless from any and all claims or personal damages resulting from the outside vendor's use of the facility including, but not limited to; lost or stolen items, personal property damage or loss, personal injury or accidents (including traveling to or from the facility).​

Photography/Social Media: Oak Hills Reception and Event Center reserves the right to use video footage and photography of events held at our venue for promotional purposes. 

Rental Hours:  Standard rental hours are from 3:30PM to 10:00PM.  If you book Oak Hills for all three packages (Ceremony, Dinner, and Reception) your arrival time may be at 2:30PM without additional charges. Additional hours may be added to your package at $300 per hour before 3:30PM or $500 per hour after 10:00PM. 

Send-off Celebrations: Sparklers and bubbles are preferred with some restrictions. Natural rose petals may be thrown but should be picked up. No confetti, rice, silly string, bird seed, foam peanuts or other similar items are allowed anywhere within the venue.  Sparklers must be purchased through Oak Hills and carefully supervised and ignited by our staff. Sparklers must also be used away from the building and any painted or vinyl surfaces or outdoor carpeting. Car decorating is also allowed but please advise those likely to be involved to use good judgment.  Oak Hills reserves the right to charge an hourly rate for clean up from these activities and any damage that occurs.


Smoking (and Vaping): In compliance with the laws set forth in the State of Utah Oak Hills Reception and Event Center maintains a smoke free environment. Smoking is not allowed anywhere within 75 feet of the Gardens, Grounds, or the buildings. Please use proper etiquette in disposing of your cigarettes and/or cigars.

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