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Michaeline and Skylar's Fall Wedding

Step into the world of Michaeline and Skylar as they invite you to share in their extraordinary day! This wedding was truly one-of-a-kind and filled with inspiration. The energy, love, and the entire atmosphere of the day were simply indescribable. From the very moment the couple made their entrance, it was evident that this celebration was going to be an absolute delight!

Getting Ready

Words cannot capture the impeccable style of Michaeline and Skylar's entire wedding party. From the initial consultations where the couple expressed their desire for "moody fall wedding vibes," it is safe to say that they not only succeeded but exceeded all expectations.

The Ceremony

Oh my goodness, what an absolutely enchanting ceremony! Jenn Wilde from Wilde Heart Weddings served as the officiant, and she holds the esteemed position as our number one preferred officiant. She consistently crafts unforgettable experiences for all our couples. Michaeline and Skylar chose a ceremony element that left us in awe – a Red Wine Unity Ceremony. Following their heartfelt vows, they took turns pouring a bit of red wine into a single glass. Taking a sip together, symbolizing their two individual lives merging into one. The act of drinking from the combined wine beautifully signifies the commitment they make to live their lives as one unified family.

Newlywed Photos

Capturing the magic of Michaeline and Skylar's special day were the incredibly talented Jessica and Nick Photography. Every mesmerizing photo you've witnessed so far is a testament to their skill and artistry. The phenomenal work they produce is truly remarkable.

From the vibrant hues of the wedding party's attire to the breathtaking autumnal colors of the Oak Hills grounds, every shot was a visual feast that left us utterly captivated. There was simply no getting enough of the beauty they expertly preserved through their lenses.

Party Time!

Michaeline and Skylar's circle of family and friends were all set to kick off the celebration. As soon as the Grand Entrance took place, the atmosphere transformed into a lively party scene! The DJs from Complete Weddings, with their exceptional skills, always excel at keeping the energy high and the party in full swing!

The Photo Bus

Michaeline and Skylar made a fantastic choice by having The Photo Bus for their special day! We've had the pleasure of encountering them numerous times over the years, and without a doubt, they consistently deliver exceptional service. If you're considering adding a unique and memorable touch to your event, don't hesitate to book with them – you won't be disappointed!

Thank you Michaeline and Skylar

We are incredibly honored to have had the privilege of hosting Michaeline and Skylar's beloved friends and family on their special day. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Michaeline and Skylar's Google Review

Our wedding was on 10/07 and there are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Oak Hills. The entire process was so easy. They provide everything. Decor. Food. Drinks. Bartenders. A day-of coordinator (shout out Marshall).

They were so accommodating to every little detail I wanted. The food (tacos) were SO good and they even packed us up to-go boxes since we didn't have time to eat. The pastry bar was AMAZING and I am so glad we did that instead of a wedding cake!! Made it so much easier for us to eat and dance.

My guests had nothing but good things to say about the venue and our wedding.

It was even a nice touch for not only myself but my guests hearing the staff talk about how beautiful our wedding was and how nice my groom and I were!! On such a fast paced and stressful day, it really made me feel at peace to hear those things from the staff.

Thank you to EVERYONE at Oak Hills who made our day AMAZING.

If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't change anything when it comes to Oak Hills. If you're a type-A bride or groom like myself then you NEED to reach out to Oak Hills. They will take care of you.

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