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In-House Bar Services

Have you ever experienced the hassle of arranging your own alcohol and bartender for a wedding? Not to worry, because here at Oak Hills, we've got you covered! We take care of everything – from providing all the alcohol to bringing in our expert bartenders and handling the setup. Our team of knowledgeable, energetic, and friendly bartenders is dedicated to ensuring you have an exceptional drinking experience on your special day!

Deciding on Your Style

After securing your booking with us, the next exciting step is to meet with our coordinator. Among the topics we'll dive into, especially if you opt for it, is the Bar Services, promising an unforgettable time! Let's explore the three distinctive styles we have to offer.

  • Cash Bar: A designated individual will handle the service charge upfront, and from there, your guests can independently manage their drink expenses. Whether they prefer cash or credit card, we've got the flexibility to cater to everyone's preferences.

  • Tab Limit: Undoubtedly, this option stands out as our most favored choice. In addition to the service charge, the individual in charge of the bar payment will determine a designated amount for the wedding, let's say $1000 (or any amount that suits your comfort). This responsible party covers all drink expenses until we reach the specified amount. Once the limit is met, the bar remains open, and guests can continue to settle their tabs using cash or credit.

  • Open Bar: Get ready for the most exhilarating option! In this style, the individual handling the bar payment will be treating everyone to drinks until the last call or until given other instructions. It's a surefire way to inject a whole lot of fun and festivities into your celebration!

I want to underscore that there's absolutely no right or wrong approach when it comes to covering your guests' expenses. The choice entirely hinges on what aligns best with your preferences and your family's vision for the celebration.

The Big Day

Welcome to what promises to be one of the most unforgettable days of your life! As you begin your preparations, our bartenders will make a special visit to your wedding suites to take drink orders from your wedding party. They'll then serve your chosen beverages directly to your suite. To kick things off, we'll need to have a card on file to start a tab. Additionally, our bartenders will kindly request IDs from all your guests, so please ensure they have them readily available for a quick check.

The Party Begins

As we transition into Cocktail Hour, Dinner, or the Reception, that's when the bar officially opens for all your guests. They'll have the pleasure of choosing their favorite drinks from our extensive menu. Our offerings include a diverse selection, ranging from domestic and local craft beers to a variety of liquors and wines, not to mention a fantastic cocktail menu for a delightful array of choices. Cheers to a celebration filled with flavor and joy!

Lets Party

As your guests hit the dance floor and join in the celebration of your big day, our dedicated staff is here to ensure everything runs smoothly. From promptly clearing glasses to handling any spills, our team is committed to making sure everyone has a fantastic and safe time, letting you and your guests fully enjoy the festivities on the dance floor.

Last Call!

It's that time, everyone! Our Master of Ceremonies has just announced the last call. Be sure to seize the moment and grab one final drink before we close the bar for the evening. And don't forget to hit the dance floor with your family and friends, making the most of every moment until the grand send-off!

Drive Safe

As the evening comes to a close, all responsible parties are kindly requested to settle and sign for their tabs. In the interest of everyone's safety, we strongly recommend that guests who have consumed alcohol opt for Uber or Lyft for transportation. Your well-being is our priority, and you're more than welcome to leave your cars overnight without any concerns.

The Best Bar Services you can Find

In summary, our Bar Services are designed to exceed your expectations. Whether we're crafting personalized cocktails for you and your loved ones or ensuring everyone's enjoyment and safety, we've got you covered! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to making your celebration an unforgettable experience. Cheers to a fantastic and worry-free event!

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