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Celebrating LGBTQ+ Weddings

Happy Pride Month! We are so excited to celebrate pride festivities throughout the month of June. At our venue, we proudly celebrate pride month and embrace the love and diversity of all couples. Here at Oak Hills, celebrating our LGBTQ+ community is a year round affair, we strive for inclusivity in our venue for clients and employees both. We are proud to be part of every love story that comes through, let us help you create the perfect wedding day that reflects your commitment to one another!

Weddings are a celebration of love, commitment, and unity. They are a special occasion where two individuals come together to express their love for each other in front of their family and friends. Love knows no boundaries, and every love story deserves to be celebrated with joy and inclusivity. In the realm of wedding planning, creating a memorable and meaningful celebration involves choosing vendors who not only provide exceptional services but also embrace and support the diversity of love.

Living in Utah, finding an event venue, planners, and vendors that not only accept LGBTQ+ clients, but love and celebrate them, can be tricky to navigate. It’s an unfair stressor in the planning process being turned away just for who you love. Oak Hills strives to make every guest that walks through our doors feel welcome and comfortable to be here.

Photos Courtesy of Capturing your Adventure

Celebrate your love at Oak Hills Reception and Event Center, where every love story is welcomed and celebrated with open arms. Let your LGBTQ+ pride shine at our venue, where we hope to create a space for your memories that embraces diversity and inclusivity. At Oak Hills, every love story is honored and cherished.

One shift in our business we have prioritized over the past few years is ridding the standard of gendered language. Instead of having our Bride and Groom getting ready rooms, we now have a wedding suite and wedding lounge, still separate spaces so our couples can avoid seeing each other before their wedding if they prefer. We also have inclusive bathrooms, most being single stall, and all bathrooms are gender neutral. Guest comfortability is so important to us, we would hate for anyone visiting our venue to feel any sort of judgment or nervousness because of who they are.

Pride month is filled with all sorts of fun festivities, we love the festival and parade downtown! Wondering how to bring the fun celebrations of the month to your wedding? The options are endless, we love seeing pride displayed and honored in decor, creative food or beverage names, flags waved by your friends and family during your first kiss or send-off at the end of the night. The most common way to incorporate pride is through color. However you identify, there's surely a flag for you. Whether you choose to wave those flags loud and proud, or go for a more subtle approach with incorporating a color scheme, we will love and celebrate with you!

Oak Hills wishes the community a happy pride month. However you are choosing to celebrate, we hope you make fun lasting memories with your loved ones!

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