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2024 Wedding color trends

Wedding trends are constantly evolving, and wedding colors are no exception. With new and exciting shades and combinations emerging each year, it can be hard to decide what color theme would suit your wedding the best. Hopefully this blog will help you gain some inspiration during the planning process!

2024 color of the year: Peach Fuzz

Pantone recently released their color trend prediction of the year, and we are obsessed! This is definitely the year of the pastels, which you may notice through the other trends listed. This warm but light pink/orange shade is such a gorgeous natural color that will blend effortlessly with bright fun fresh florals!

Dusty Blue

We have seen this color take the wedding industry by storm already heading into 2024, this delicate hue is the perfect choice for couples wanting a timeless and tranquil atmosphere for their wedding day! Dusty blue will look gorgeous however it is incorporated, whether that's with fresh flowers, table linens, or bridesmaid dresses, however you accessorize this shade will be a beautiful accent to any decor style.


Hi Barbie! 2024 is the year of PINK! This vibrant and playful shade of pink will bring such a fun feminine and whimsical touch to your wedding. Keep it subtle with a couple accent flowers, or go big and bold dressing your entire wedding party in this modern glam hue! Pair it with black or gold for a modern glam aesthetic!

Burnt Orange

A darker hue of the peach fuzz color we mentioned before, pair these together for more depth to your color scheme. However this dark moody color is fierce enough to hold its own, perfect for a fall wedding, especially here at Oak Hills, situated at the base of the mountains, the gorgeous fall leaves covering the hills behind our property will only be complemented with this beautiful fall color.

Sage green

Another great color that stands out by itself, perfect for a boho wedding theme. This neutral green is a solid color choice year round, by itself or paired with a variety of color options to fit the season, pastels for spring, a deep red for a romantic Christmas wedding, the opportunities are endless!

Hopefully this article provides you with great insight when choosing your wedding colors, and if your wedding happens to be with us at Oak Hills, we look forward to meeting with you to bring all your fun plans together!

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