The Story of Your Wedding

There are two types of weddings in my mind. MEMORABLE and NON MEMORABLE.

We've all been to those non memorable types of weddings, right? The decor was same old same old. There wasn't much in terms of entertainment. The food was blah. And the bride and groom seemed to just be going through the motions of what was expected of them that day. To me, all those weddings just mesh together into one boring clump and I can't decipher one from another.

And then we've all been to those memorable types of weddings! They're the ones we're talking about long after the event is over! They're the ones that we've blown up our social media feed with pic after pic of how unforgettable it was! They're the ones that make you say, "man, I can't wait to get married!" Or "Yoo-hoo sweetums... I want to renew our vows!" (I fit into the latter category. And darn it all, I'm going to get my way on this!)

If I were to go out on a limb, I'd have to say that just about everyone wants to have a memorable wedding. Nobody wants to look back on their special day and not really remember it that well because let's be honest, it was a cookie cutter wedding.

But how do you create a memorable wedding? The answer is easy. You want your wedding to tell a story. Everyone has a story. Where are you from? Where are you going? Where are you now? Your wedding should be just as unique as you are. And then ask yourself, knowing who we are as a couple and as individuals, how do we want our wedding to be remembered? Not only by ourselves, but by our guests. Need some inspiration on how to make that all happen? Here's a list of a few key things to help you out.

How to Tell Your Wedding Story

1.The Food

Are you a foodie, or do you come from a very unique culture where food is the center of every party? If so, then you can tell a story through food. Do you have Polynesian roots? A large Luau with a pig roast would be something your guests would never forget. Or even simpler, what if you're originally from Chicago? How memorable would it be to have a DIY Chicago Dog buffet station?! Don't have strong cultural ties to anywhere? That's okay! A chef standing behind the buffet line making fresh crepes or carving meat off a spit and serving it to your guests, can make them feel like they're guests at an important VIP event. It can be memorable just by making sure there's lots of food (and drinks!) and plenty of it so your guests bellies are happy and full all night long. The kitchen is known to be the central hub of most homes for a reason? Food brings people together. My mother always told me, if there's good food, then it's a party!

2. Entertainment

Do you want your guests, and your self for that matter, having the time of their lives at your wedding? Do you want them out on the dance floor shaking their thang all night long?! Then your quest is to hire the perfect DJ to get that party pumpin'! Not all DJ's are created the same. Find the right one that will fit your personality. At my wedding this was what was important to me. I found the perfect DJ that fit all my cheesy needs. We did the macarena, we did the electric slide, and we even did the bunny hop! My dad, who normally is a very shy person, was out on the dance floor, going "left foot, right foot, forward, back, then hop hop hop!" leading the pack to the bunny hop! And it was all because of my amazing DJ that knew how to get the crowd off their feet. That's something I'll definitely NEVER forget! :)

3. Create Special Moments

I have so many examples of this that I've seen here at Oak Hills Reception Center. We've had wedding dresses displayed from generations past. We've had "In Memory Of'" speeches and special displays showcasing the loved ones that have passed away. And we've had the cherished pet dog, all dressed up in his best tuxedo, bring the wedding ring down the isle to present it to the bride and groom. All three of these moments have created lasting memories in my mind. These special moments are always a sure fire way to create a unique and unforgettable wedding (at little to no cost too!), because moments like this can't be duplicated.

4. Decorations & Design

Nothing says, "I'm somewhere special" than walking into a room filled with layers of floral arrangements, silk drapery hanging from every corner, and lighting that makes you ooh and ahh. Design brings that extra touch that makes your wedding memorable. And you don't even have to spend tons of money. Creating photo op areas, lounge areas or designing a unique layout (we did a ceremony where everyone was in a circle! It was amazing!) can do the trick and make your wedding stand out. Decorating to a theme can make also make all the difference in creating a memorable wedding event. Check out my blog post I wrote on Themed Weddings for some ideas.

Hopefully I've got your juices flowing and have created a little more excitement on making your dream wedding come true. But if you're still stumped on how to make this happen, well, that's where we, Oak Hills Reception and Event Center, come in. That's our jobs. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it over and over again... We want your wedding to be everything you've dreamed it could be and more! From the moment you hit that submit button on the request form on our website, is the moment we start going to work for you. Our general manager, Shirelle, will then meet with you and create a custom package that works for specifically for you. And then you'll meet with me, your wedding manager to discuss all the fun design and logistics of your event. No two events are ever the same here and I'm excited to help you with yours and make it the most memorable one out there!

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