The Perfect Wedding

Ah, the perfect wedding. Each bride wants one, and in my experience, many brides are expecting one. There's wishing, hoping, praying and fingers crossed that the weather, your 3-year-old energetic flower girl, and your ditsy maid-of-honor who is notoriously late, all cooperate so that your wedding can go off without a hitch. Seems logical right?!

Now if I were to guess, most of you reading this are probably rolling your eyes and giving me a pshh!! Because of course that doesn't seem logical. For some reason when we look at it from an outsiders view, a picture perfect wedding just isn't a reasonable request to demand. But when it comes to our own wedding and it becomes personal, then that logic goes out the window and the high expectations come blowing in. Enter the term "Bridezilla."

I'm now hoping that we're on the same page in the fact you don't want to be a Bridezilla and that the perfect wedding is an unreasonable request. But with that being said, then why would I title this post "The Perfect Wedding?" Before I answer that, first go grab a cup of hot chocolate, cuddle up by the fire and then I'll answer that question... it's story time!

A Wedding Tragedy, Part 2

Let's just start off by stating the obvious. If you haven't already, go check out Part 1 of this story so you know what I mean when I say, my wedding definitely had some bumps in the road and was not perfect. But what I haven't told you yet are all the "eventful" things that happened leading up to my plethora of illness'. No, my wedding wasn't imperfect just because I got sick. It was imperfect because of so much more. So let's just start at the beginning... (no worries, I'll give you the condensed version... if you want deets on all of this let's do a GNO!! I love telling stories!)

* Night Before The Big Day:

I am not making this up...! My buddy from high school showed up at my window in the middle of the night to finally tell me what his true feelings about me were. Even though we were always just friends (from as early as elementary), his professions of love came as no surprise. But what am I suppose to do with that?! The best I could do was, "gee, that sure is nice of you to say," and "thank you for your friendship, we've had some good times, right?" Such an awkward moment for both of us! Plus, he was making me lose valuable beauty sleep! Ugh. Needless to say, he didn't end up attending our reception. Punk! I thought he loved me! :)

* Morning Of:

That whole beauty sleep thing I was talking about? Ya, I didn't get any. My ceremony time was at 7:30 am (the only time available when we booked) therefore, I had to wake up at 4:30 am to start hair and makeup. My few hours of restless sleep just didn't cut it and the bags under my eyes were a telltale sign! Cue the ice cubes and my miracle worker hairdresser!

* Upon Arrival to the Ceremony Site:

....... waiting...... waiting...... waiting...... more waiting...... waiting some more.... and more.... and more... still waiting...

"Where is my stinking fiancé??!!" Not where I was, that's for sure. I'm going to totally date myself now, but this was before the days of everybody owning a cell phone, so I had no way of calling or texting to see where he was. I was just left to wait in the foyer while a million thoughts ran through my head. Maybe he got in an accident. Maybe he got cold feet. Maybe he mixed up the time....

Nearly 30 minutes later, he came strolling in. He'd forgotten his shoes and had to turn around to go get them. I had no words.

Good thing I wore sneakers! They sure did come in handy.

* Post Ceremony Picture Taking:

Some of the decisions that lend a hand when deciding where to have your wedding are based on the esthetics and how it will look in your wedding photos, am I right? I chose the Salt Lake City Temple because of this very reason. There were places closer to home, and ones that could have fit us in at a more reasonable time of day, but no, I liked the Salt Lake one. It had the "look" that I wanted. So as you can guess, when I walked outside to a view of construction equipment, and not beautiful landscaped grounds, my heart was a little sad.

* Pre Reception

Upon arrival this was the scene I drove up to... Mom bent over in the dirt, pulling weeds, and the wedding coordinator with hands on her hips and an ornery look on her face. To be honest, I totally ignored this. I knew my mother well enough to know that her ideas of perfection was her burden to carry and hers alone. No amount of negotiating or explaining could ever change her mind when she was set on something. And this was something this wedding coordinator was now learning. I can only imagine the things the coordinator did "wrong" in the eyes of my mom.

Proof of the tornado that happened on my wedding day.
Before & After. Damage that was done by the tornado.

* Receiving Line

I wasn't super thrilled about having a receiving line to begin with. I wanted to dance! But as you learned from the previous paragraph, my mom was a tough cookie to negotiate with. So our compromise was half of the reception a receiving line and the other half, a dance party. The first part was fine I guess. A lot of thanking random strangers for coming and small chat as we hurried each guest through. But I couldn't complain too much, I was standing next to my new husband, the sun was just setting and the view was absolutely gorgeous! (If you didn't already know, I also had my wedding reception outside in the Oak Hills Reception and Event Center gardens.... it's an absolutely beautiful place for outdoor weddings in Utah!) But then wham! Exactly 1 hour into the receiving line my amazing view was terrorized, as a MASSIVE storm blew through. And I'm not talking a little wind and rain. No, I'm talking mass chaos as everyone hit the deck, head to the wind, holding dresses down, trying to get inside ASAP because a tornado is making it's way through the city!! In fact, it turned into a tornado in SLC and caused a lot of destruction. See te photo above.

*Dance Party

Before the wedding day, I had all my ducks lined up in a row, and had designated my future brother-in-law to honor us by being our videographer. We had a nice camera, a new 8mm tape ready to go, and entrusted this important task of capturing all the fun candid moments on the dance floor would be in good hands.

But then he got hungry.

So he went to Wendy's.

Then he ripped his pants, right down the middle of his booty (again, not making this stuff up!)

So he left to change.

How much video footage do we have of my wedding? none, zero, zilch, nada

* Reception Food

We were on a tight budget, so food wasn't a priority. My mom let me pick out my most favorite dessert and we'd keep it simple by serving just that. Easy peasy! Eclairs. I knew without a doubt I wanted eclairs. They were just fancy enough for a wedding, but oh so tasty at the same time! And of course peach punch to accompany it. Nothings better than a drink with peach flavoring! Nothing. So fast forward to the end of the wedding. We're about to go get changed into our get away clothes, and I realized I hadn't had any eclairs yet. What was I thinking?! So I went to hurry and grab one to munch on in the bridal suite, but to my absolute horror, they were all gone! Not a single one left, and no one even thought to save one for this gal! Total party fail!

*Post Wedding

And we're off! The day is done, we're exhausted, and we are STARVING. So my husband and I say to each other, "I guess we should stop and grab a bite to eat at Wendy's... for some reason that sounds good to eat right now (haha!). So we did. I ordered me some chicken nuggets (because that's all I ate back in the day... I was young and my palette hadn't graduated to burgers yet), and my new hubby ordered ..... hmmm, I don't remember. Needless to say, we ate, talked and laughed about the fun/crazy day, I ran to the bathroom before we left, and then we were off to REALLY start the honeymoon. Upon arriving to the hotel, I went to get my wallet out of my purse and then nearly had a heart attack. My purse wasn't there! My purse with envelopes and envelopes of wedding cash gift money wasn't there!! My purse with my identification to get us onto our honeymoon cruise ship wasn't there!!! Crap! So I reluctantly told my ever loving and forgiving and patient and kind new hubby (at least that was my hopes of how he'd react) the situation at hand. He was somewhere in the patient-furious zone :) The only thing we could do was retrace our steps. (because remember... no cell phones). First stop, Wendy's. And thankfully, there it was, sitting on the tank of the toilet in the women's bathroom. Phew! Now I only look like a mild idiot because I saved the day by thinking about where to look first. Right? right. I think, right. Yep, I'm going with it. Right! I saved the day!

* Honeymoon

See this post

So there you have it. My not so perfect wedding. Actually, I'm going to rephrase that. That was the story of my imperfectly perfect wedding. And I wouldn't change a single thing about it! The sickness and all. Because now, I have an epic movie worthy story when my high school buddy knocked on my window late that night. And I get to give my husband crap for the rest of his life about being late to our wedding (it's such good collateral for when I'm running behind on time). And everyone has the same old same old Salt Lake Temple pictures, but who has construction equipment in theirs?! Not many! My mom has since passed away, and my memories of her trying to make my wedding day perfect by pulling weeds and doing yard work at the venue (which seriously, I could have cared less about), are just another reflection of how much she'd do anything for me. I treasure memories like that of her. And excitement doesn't even begin to describe the moment when hoards of guests started running for cover when the storm came through! It was actually a blast!! And come on! My brother-in-law ripped his pants?! Hahahahaha!!! I'm so glad he was having such a good time shaking his thang, that it got to pants ripping point!

And that there my friends is the key to having the "perfect" wedding. Loving and cherishing the unexpected and crazy moments. You should all be hoping for the unexpected. That's what makes this life interesting. That's what we talk about when we sit around a campfire. We talk about the craziness, we talk about the unexpected and we talk about the moments when we stepped outside the box.

So as you're planning your wedding, I want you to remember this post. Plan, prepare, and try to make your wedding as close to your every wedding day dreams, but then leave space in your thoughts for the unexpected to happen. Because my dearies, it will. And then be grateful for it when it comes your way. (Even if it's going to take some time before you're grateful for it, wink, wink... I know, I get that).



I just had a great idea!! I need to do a wedding day bloopers post. 99% of the weddings I've hosted or attended are imperfectly perfect, just like mine! Here's a little teaser... A police officer escorted my brother to his wedding. He got pulled over for speeding and then upon realizing where he was going, the officer gave my brother a lift. Haha!

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