Spring & Summer Weddings Recap 2019

This past Spring and Summer here at Oak Hills Reception and Event Center have been absolutely BUSY to say the least! We're talking four-weddings-and-a-funeral-per-week type of busy (that sentence really is no lie... we were honored to host a Celebration of Life service. We were so glad that we were able to accommodate this last minute request and give this amazing person a beautiful place for her loved ones to honor her).

With Labor Day signifying the end of summer, I can't help but look back on this past wedding season and think of all the good times and the bad, the stressful moments and the victorious ones. So in honor of every single bride and groom that walked through our doors this past wedding season I'd like to share some of the highlights.

...We had rain, rain, and more rain.... Plan B was set and ready to go for wedding after wedding, but miraculously it only stopped one bride & groom from having their dream outdoor ceremony.

...We lived to tell the tale of a huge thunderstorm! Remember that one wedding I just mentioned up above? It was no itty bitty pitter patter of rain. The bride was all lined up and ready to go when lightning struck! To the bride's dismay we had no other choice but to move everything inside. It was quite the scene to see guests running for cover and our staff getting soaking wet while ensuring guests and expensive equipment were safely brought indoors. It was entertaining to say the least. The best part of it all though?... The bride was all smiles through the whole entire thing!!

...All of you bride and grooms let us experience for the first time ever: an ice sculpture, a Hindu Prayer Ceremony, a Disney themed wedding reception, a groom (and all his siblings!!) who could turn his feet completely backwards, a bride and groom riding a Harley Davidson through their sparkler send-off, a groomsman dressed as the bride, a runaway bride (from the photographer, not the groom), morning ceremonies (we call it our Daybreak Weddings), and so many guests that the need for a parking attendant was called for!

...We saw naked cakes, lantern centerpieces, eucalyptus, and the colors blush, lavender & burgundy making their presence known loud and clear that they're the "it" choices for the season.

...We kept secret after secret for all of you bride and grooms that decided to elope and get married before your ceremony with us and didn't want their loved ones to find out. Don't worry, your secret is still safe with us. But I will say, there was definitely more than one couple that did this. Off the top of my head, I can count 5! Apparently that's the new "it" thing as well. I'm just wondering which anniversary ya'll are going to celebrate? Your actual marriage date or the one your friends and family think are the real one?

...Our presence was graced with so much talent by so many of you. We saw cute choreographed Daddy Daughter dances, First Dance's between the newlyweds, and large group numbers. We had bride and grooms serenade each other, draw phenomenal pieces of art for their significant other, and recite the most thoughtful and creative wedding vows I've ever heard.

...The food choices this season were just as unique as the couples themselves! Catering consisted of Dole Whips, Popcorn Bars, Edible Flower Cookies, Costa Vida, Nacho Bars, Churros, Mint Oreo Pie, Outdoor BBQ's, and Street Tacos, just to name a few. And I've got to brag about our amazing caterer's Sandy's Catering and our new in-house chef Shawnee. They took on every single gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, sugar free, vegan and vegetarian requests and created some scrumptious substitutions!

...And last but not least, we have been blessed to have gotten to know so many kind hearted and loving people. Weddings can get a bit stressful and don't always go as planned, but for the most part (yes, I said most part... things aren't always roses) our 2019 Spring and Summer wedding parties handled the unforeseen kinks with such grace. Whether it be the weather, family drama, or miscommunications, you all saw what was really important and supported one another to make your wedding day memorable and special.

So many of you we consider our friends and are now part of our Oak Hills Family. We can't wait to see you in years to come as you come back to renew your vows, have your anniversary parties with us, or come as a guest to your bff's wedding here at Oak Hills Reception and Event Center! See you soon!!

xo Aleesha

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