Oak Hills Reception and Event Center Highlight: Brooke and Cole’s Summer Wedding

Brooke and Cole‘s wedding.... Where do I even start with this AMAZING event?! Maybe with the fun ice sculpture? Or maybe with the unique color palette? Or maybe with how dapper Cole looked in his cowboy hat? Or maybe how Brooke was the ultimate Dancing Queen!? Or maybe the behind the scenes fun we had cutting their enormous multi-flavored wedding cake? There are so many great memories that stand out in our minds when it comes to this wedding, but the one thing that we’ll never forget...

...how much fun it was to work with the whole wedding party of Brooke and Cole! From the moment we first met with them, (Brooke, Cole and the moms) I knew that we were going to be fast friends. They spoke my language! They knew what they wanted, how they wanted, and were excited to work alongside us in creating their vision. Both Brooke and Cole had very specific things in mind when it came to their wedding. With a little mixing and matching of our decor and theirs, it all came together to create a wedding unlike any other that we’ve ever had.

Our Event Coordinator Jessica and I hosted this night together and had a complete blast! One of our favorite behind-the-scenes moments was when Cole admitted to us that he forgot to pick out a song for the mother-son dance. He asked Jessica to just pick out any song that she'd like. In a scramble, the only song about moms that Jessica could think of was Mom, by Meghan Trainor. So we played that upbeat song and Cole and his mother started swing dancing as if they had it planned all along. We were impressed and entertained all at the same time!

When we asked Brooke about her experience with us, she said, “Aleesha seriously went above and beyond to make wedding planning easy and smooth. She and her team made our wedding day the perfect day! I would recommend her to any friend! Jessica was also incredible! She did a great job checking in with us on our wedding day, making sure our needs were met. She was a lot of fun and really made everything perfect!”

As I mentioned before, there’s just too many memorable moments from their wedding that I would have a hard time picking which on was my favorite. But this is what Brooke said about her favorite moment. “I’ll never forget walking into the barn and seeing the decorations, the lights, and the setup. It was magical!”

If Brooke were to give advise to a future bride, she said, “Rely on your team! They’re there to help! Expect that there will be hiccups, but that family, friends, and Oak Hills will be there to smooth them out as they come. Just breath and try to take a step back and take mental pictures throughout the day. It’ll go by fast!”

Looking back, what would Brooke change? “Nothing. I’m a perfectionist, so it means a lot when I say it was PERFECT!”

Overall, Brooke said, “Just thanks for the memories. We could not have done it without you guys. Thanks for making our day easy and smooth, not just for us as a couple, but for family and friends as well:)”

And thank you to Brooke and Cole! We have such good memories looking back on this special day!



*All photos are courtesy of Bagshaw Photo and Video

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