A Change Is In The Air

At Oak Hills Reception and Event Center, we are committed to creating the absolute best experience possible for you. And that's not just something I'm saying to make us sound good :) We aren't afraid to evaluate things, see what works and what doesn't, and then make the necessary changes so that we can allow those amazing experiences for you to happen. In fact, I am in absolute awe of all the extensive and amazing changes that have happened here at Oak Hills in just these past 9 months since the new ownership took over!

In a nutshell, in the matter of less than one short year, we...

  • Changed ownership

  • Re-evaluated the business model ran by the old ownership and restructured the entire company to better reflect our new core values and company goals. Quality experiences, integrity and customer service are our top priority!

  • Changed the name to Oak Hills Reception and Event Center and got a professionally designed sleek logo to boot!

  • Brought the company into the digital age with an amazing new website, online payment options, incorporated Aisle Planner wedding software for our clients, and so much more!

  • Paved the gravel parking lot for better parking options

  • Partnered with the beloved community favorite, Sandy's Catering, to cater all our events

  • Integrated separate morning and evening package options to better accommodate your unique event. This allows for the entire venue to never be double booked, giving each event full access to all our facility has to offer and more personalized attention to your event by our staff.

  • Introduced Reception, Ceremony and Dinner Packages to assist in making your event with us smooth sailing and stress free

  • Cleaned up and incorporated additional landscaping features to beautify our facility year round

  • Started renovations in the Main Building which include: wainscoting in the Main Hall, re-designed the Main Hall layout for better flow and more event space, updated the decor in the Bride's Room, Kid's Room and Groom's Room, installed a working drinking fountain, added additional decorative touches to the entry way, re-shingled the roof, and updated the front door just to name a few things. And we're not done in there... more updates to come!

  • Incorporated Design Packages to bring your event to the next level with fresh florals, upgraded backdrops, party favors, and endless customized design and decor touches to fit your unique needs

  • Updated our linens and decor inventory

  • Attended the Wedding MBA Conference and brought back extensive knowledge to better serve our clients

  • Installed event lighting around both the Main Building and Barn Venue to incorporate any and all colors to match your wedding

  • Added functional, yet beautiful shade pergolas in the Ceremony Garden, as well as a better functioning and safer bridge

  • Built a new awning over the side Barn doors for a secondary entrance option

  • ...and the list goes on and on

And really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We're not done with updates, upgrades and progression by any means! So many helping hands, intelligent business minds, creative thinkers, and talented people have come together to help in the evolution of our beautiful reception center and we are beyond excited about the prospects the future holds.

Another major overhaul that is happening right now as we speak is our approach to managing your event. Gone are the days of a one-woman-show (that was so last summer), and in are the days of a team of experts working together cohesively to pull off the most amazing experience with us possible! We have completely restructured our staffing and management system so that it better serves you. We went from having just one Event Manager who would oversee all events, to 3 different Event Managers who will be spread out and custom fit for each specific bride or client.

This is such good news!! What this means for you, is you will now have a whole team of professionals working just for you! This new approach allows for more individualized attention for each and every customer giving everyone peace of mind and better service. Seriously, I am beyond excited for everyone involved with these changes! Your event is about to go to a whole new level!!

You will still have yours truly overseeing all events as I have been re-assigned to the role of Director of Events. I will be making sure that all bases are covered and no detail goes undone. But hold up!... you will also have an Event or Wedding Manager that will work one-on-one, holding your hand every step of the way from the moment you book to the moment you hop into your getaway car and ride off into the sunset for your honeymoon. She will be your go to gal, your new bff, and your source of sanity through the whirlwind of wedding planning. We interviewed A LOT of candidates for this position and are confident that we now have a power team assembled who are well equipped and eager to make all your wedding day dreams come true! Did I mention yet how excited I am for these changes?!!

That's all for now. I don't want to overexcite you (and apparently myself) with any more details of all the fun and exciting changes happening around here. But believe me... there are so many I haven't mentioned and even more to come!! :)



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