5 Favorite Wedding Trends of 2019

A few months back, myself and our general manager Shirelle, went to the Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas. For four straight days, from sun up to sun down, we giddily sat through classes and seminars learning from the best-of-the-best in the wedding world, while absorbing every bit of wedding knowledge, tips, tricks, ideas, inspiration and advise in every type of form it could come in. We felt like happy little sponges, soaking up every piece of information we could.

Being the wedding manager, where my job is helping design and coordinate every wedding that we book, I got the fun task of attending all of the 2019 Design Trends classes for the upcoming year. I was in pure heaven! I have pages and pages of notes filled with all of the design trends that each uniquely different instructor presented.

So of course I have been dying to share everything that I have learned with all of you. But there was so much information thrown at me, I have decided to condense it and have come up with just a few of my favorite trends. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are five of my favorite wedding trends for this upcoming year.

1. Barn Weddings

That's right! Barn wedding venues are here to stay! Just hop onto Pinterest and you'll see example after example of this fun trend. I couldn't be more happy about this. I grew up in a small town with barns on every corner being the norm. Not to mention my grandfather was a dairy farmer. So as you can guess barns hold a special place in my heart. There's something that's very nostalgic and comforting about a barn. So in my mind, there's not a better place to have your wedding or reception. And what's even more fun about barn wedding venues, is you can create this beautiful balance of rustic meets chic.... or western meets glam.... or woodsy meets modern... or casual meets elegant. Have I sold you on booking a barn for your wedding?! Good news for you! At Oak Hills Reception and Event Center, we have a beautiful new barn venue built specifically for Utah weddings and receptions.

2. Black Weddings

You read that right. Black weddings are in. And I'm not talking about making everything black from floor to ceiling so that it looks like you just walked into a haunted house. I'm talking about using black as your accent colors to compliment your main color choice. Adding just a bit of black can bring a certain elegance and sophistication to your wedding. How do you use it? You can use it as your linen color. You can use a pop of black in your bouquet, centerpieces, or bridesmaids dresses. You can choose black frames, candlesticks, serving platters, or dining ware. The possibilities are endless.

3. White Weddings

Wait, what? I just said black weddings are in, and now I'm saying white weddings are in? Yes, yes indeed. That's exactly what I'm saying, and this trend makes my heart happy. Nothing says wedding like the color white. But just as you don't want to walk into a sea of black wedding, the same goes for white. Use white as your main color and then bring in other colors as your accent. Maybe a black accent perhaps? (wink, wink) Or maybe use one of my favorite combinations and break up the white with accent pieces of gold and fresh greenery. Another way to make white work is by bringing in various types of textures in the linens, centerpieces and floral arrangements.

COLIN COWIE CELEBRATIONS hit this white wedding spot on by bringing in touches of wooden textures.

4. Bringing the Decor Upwards

Utilizing the ceiling space has started to become popular over the past few years, and I predict this year it'll be bumped up another level. Here at Oak Hills Reception and Event Center, just last week we added more sets of string lights to our barn wedding venue. And, we have grand plans to add bistro lights to our main building in the coming weeks ahead to prepare for our Grand Opening Open House (advertising plug: come join us February 9th and get the VIP tour of our venue, and also check out our preferred vendors)! But you don't have to stop at lighting. Let's get creative with the ceiling this year! Hanging flowers, giant photos, beads, macrame, drapery or laser cut words are unique ways to think outside the box and use more than just eye level spacing.

5. Textures

Designing with all sorts of textures is going to be bigger than ever this year. Ruffles, layers, lace, wood, organza, sequins, silk and macrame are just a few of the choices you can use when playing around with textures. When people see something and feel the need to touch it, you know you've got a winner. My favorite texture right now....? Definitely macrame. I am absolutely loving it right now. It's a little boho and a little elegance all at the same time.

Did you see a trend here that spoke to you? Sweet! I can't wait to help you plan it all out! And like I said before, there were so many trends it was hard to whittle it down to just 5. So stay tuned and hold on to your horses because I'll be back in a couple of weeks with more of my favorites!

xo Aleesha

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