2018 A Year in Review

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." -Hal Borland

One of my most favorite things about the end of each year is all of the "Year in Review" t.v shows, news casts, blog posts, Facebook/Instagram posts, articles, and all the various countdowns that are out there. I love looking back at where we once were and how far we've all come since then. The good, the bad and the ugly. So of course I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to do a year in review for our beautiful Utah wedding reception center!

But where do I even start??? If I were to describe our year in just one word, it would be Change. January of 2018 doesn't look a thing like December of 2018 here at Oak Hills Reception Center. You name it, and there's a good chance that it's changed! So in a nutshell, here's my list of epic changes that have happened at our wedding venue.

The Staff

I'll start off big with the most obvious and the biggest change of them all. In August, the reception center was sold to the now current owners. Some of the biggest changes that have occurred are because of this new team of owners. They have brought in fresh ideas, new perspective, and a grand vision for Oak Hills. Aside from that huge change, the faces of our other staff members have also changed. Many have gone off to college, others have moved away, and some have gone down different paths in life. We miss so many of our team members that are no longer with us, but are so grateful for the amazing crew that are with us now! We have some of the most dedicated and hard working people that genuinely want our reception center and your wedding to be a success. You really can't ask for much more in your employees. (And might I add, they're all looking mighty fine in their new upgraded uniforms and name tags!)

The Venue

If I were to name off every single upgrade that we've done to the reception center, I'd be here all day writing! There have been so many awesome changes have happened to the actual buildings themselves. I'll spare you (and me) the time and just list off a few of my favorite renovations.... Newly paved parking lot, updated bride's room decor, bathrooms added to the barn wedding venue, new pine trees planted, rustic divider wall added to the groom's room, additional lighting added to the barn reception area, landscaping got a fine tuning, main reception building got an upgraded water fountain (this one's super exciting to me!), linens have been upgraded, new centerpieces have been added to our inventory, curtains were added to the barn doors, and so many other decorative additions have been made. And the even more exciting thing is, we're not done! There's so many more amazing changes that will be coming in the months to follow.

The Process

From the moment you hop online and google search "Reception Center in Utah" and find our website, to the moment you say "I do" in our beautiful garden with it's scenic mountain backdrop, each step has been upgraded, updated and made easier and better for every one involved. We have made the most of technology to make booking and payments easy peasy. We have a beautiful new website that can guide you through most commonly asked questions. We have incorporated wedding packages that can be custom made to your wedding day wants and needs. We have incorporated the Aisle Planner software to allow you to design your dream wedding, keep track of guest RSVP's, organize your budget, and have access to all consultation notes concerning timelines, decor, vendors, catering, etc. We are more present on social media in hopes that we can get more connected to our clients and to our community. We have restructured the consultation process to better serve you and make your time with us stress-free. And we are continually researching ways to make the process with us better and better by attending conferences, taking online courses, and taking valuable advise given from our community of other wedding venues.

The Weddings

I saved the best for last! Each and every wedding that we have hosted is as special as the couple themselves. I have loved seeing the ever changing wedding trends, and also the fun design twists that people have put on the old classics. I have loved seeing a change in the fact that more and more grooms-to-be are playing a larger role in the planning process. I have loved seeing the trend of having "fun" weddings, where giant Jenga games, food trucks, and bridesmaids wearing casual dresses and flip-flops are the norm. It just makes me excited to see what you all could possibly come up with next year to make your wedding uniquely yours.

Reflecting over this past year I can't believe all the changes that have happened, not only to this amazing wedding reception center I get to work at but in my own personal life as well. So many wonderful things, new opportunities, and amazing changes have taken place. I have learned so much and have grown in ways I never thought possible. I love my job! I am beyond grateful for the staff I get to work with and especially the new owners that have jumped in with both feet and are willing to do what it takes to make positive progress. To those I have crossed paths with, thank you for being a part of this past year's journey with me. And to those I am yet to meet... I can't wait to see what's in store for us!

xo Aleesha

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