Helpful Add-Ons

Decor Add-Ons

Extra Coordinator Hours: $35/Hour

Are you the indecisive type and will need more than 2 hours consulting with the wedding planner? Or maybe you had a vision for your wedding that has completely taken a complete turn since your consultation and you'd like a re-do.  Or maybe, you have a few extra touches to add to your special day, but you just don't have the time or want to deal with the stress of one more thing on your to do list.  Whatever it is, our coordinators are more than happy to work with you and add on some extra coordinating hours.

Additional Decorations: $35/Hour, Plus Cost of Decor

Are there a few extra touches that will make your dream wedding complete, but it doesn't come in our package?  Our Wedding Planner is here to help!  She has a great eye for detail with a designers background and is here to make your wedding everything you want it to be.  She'll give you the extra time needed to plan and carry out each detail to pure perfection.

Chair Sashes: $1/Chair

The love is in the details!  By adding chair sashes, it can add that special detail that brings everything together.  Most colors are available.

Bar Services

$500 Non Refundable Security Charge On All Bar Services

Basic Alcohol Services: $35/Hour

Bartender serving beer, wine and/or champagne only.

"His & Hers" Mixed Drinks: $45/Hour

Bartender serving beer, wine and/or champagne, along with 2 set mixed drinks.

Full Bar: $55/Hour

Bartender serving a full bar drink menu.

Glassware: $0.20/Glass

Options include champagne flutes and wine glasses.

Food Services

Self Serve with use of Formal Dinnerware: $1.00/Person

Buffet style service which includes use of porcelain plates, silverware, glass stemware, & cloth napkins

Full Service Dining: $3.00/Person

Get the full dining experience with your meal served to you and your guests.  Includes: formal place setting with use of porcelain plates, silverware, glass stemware, cloth napkins & an on-site chef.

Cake Cutting Service: $50

Event host & staff will cut and serve your cake while preserving the top if so desired.  Also includes disposable plates, forks, and napkins for all your guests.

Additional Building Hours

Building Use Before Alotted Time Slot: $100/Hour

If your event requires the use of our buildings before your alotted time frame, as long as it doesn't conflict with any other event, you are welcome to use the building for the additional time needed.

Building Use Past 10:00 pm: $300/Hour

Want to keep partying past 10:00?  As long as you and your party adhere to the Layton City noise ordinance, we'd love to keep the party going.  

Building Use Past Midnight: $500/Hour

If there's the desire to keep your event going past midnight, no problem!  We can accommodate your wishes


The venue was gorgeous and hosted one of the best weddings I've seen. The bridal room is gorgeous! The staff was amazing. From keeping all the bridesmaids and groomsmen in check (sorry we were a rowdy bunch!) To making sure everything was always clean and the guests were always served. The staff also wore masks (and gloves when necessary). Absolutely beautiful venue and great staff!

- Laura 

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