About Us

Quality Experience from Beginning to End

I grew up in a home with a father who had multiple successful businesses. I loved helping him in any way I could, especially when it came to his event based businesses. It has helped me become the driven person that I am today.  So when my husband and I had the opportunity to buy a wedding venue, I eagerly volunteered to retire my role as a "stay-at-home mom" and jump back into the family business life! 


When I'm not at Oak Hills I love cooking plant-based meals, dancing, lifting weights, listening to books on audible, and volunteering in my church and neighborhood. I also LOVE to sing.  


The majority of my days are spent at Oak Hills with my husband and a lot of times our children tag along too. (Not DURING events though!) We love working as a team to find ways to improve the venue as well as our customer's experience!  We sincerely want every person that walks through our doors to have a quality experience with us from beginning to end.

Shirelle Benard
Co-Owner & CEO

Sincerely Caring About You

When I'm at a ripe old age of 101, I want to be able to say that I did it all!  My goal-oriented and carefree personality have allowed me to enjoy some amazing adventures and opportunities already in this life.  Career wise, I have spent nearly 20 years working in either event planning, fashion, home design or teaching/coaching.  But above all, the wedding world has definitely given me one of the most fulfilling and fun opportunities so far. 

Besides planning weddings, other things that I enjoy and that make me who I am are: going on adventures with my husband and four kids, dancing (I'll never stop... even when I'm 101), teaching group fitness (anyone interested in a bridal bootcamp?!), cats, Book Club, CrossFit, thrift shopping, going to movies, licorice, and swinging on swings. 

I feel so fortunate to work in a job that allows creativity, while meeting so many wonderful people all at the same time. I truly and sincerely care about every single couple that I work with and consider them my friends.  And friends don't let friends have bad wedding experiences!

Aleesha Merrill
Director of Events

Driven and Excited to Plan Your Dream Wedding

 I have always enjoyed parties, big celebrations, and seeing people smile from ear to ear when a big event is going on, especially when they are the star of the show! With this love, I decided to go to school for various design programs that were both 2-year programs, but finished in 4 months each. I have also lead various activities at college including dances, concerts, and dinners. Because of these experiences I am driven to make your wedding a great experience for everyone involved! 


In my free time I design and create bridal bouquets. I enjoy hiking and fishing with my family. I love late night dance parties with my 2 sisters and 3 brothers when our parents aren't home. I have competed in chalk art competitions where they money was donated to families struggling financially because of cancer treatments. I love roller coasters and ice cream on a hot summer day.  


I have always enjoyed attending wedding receptions (but truth be told, when I was younger I mostly went for the food) and seeing the different styles and decorations chosen. As an Event Coordinator at Oak Hills, I get the pleasure of helping carry out these various ideas and interests that people have for their wedding day. I absolutely love watching it all unfold and seeing the couple's faces light up as all their wedding dreams comes to life. I am driven and excited to help make your wedding day dreams come true!

Jessica Richards
Wedding and Event Coordinator